June 22, 2017

The End of an Era is Coming

This will appear as the preamble to this week's Stealing.  It is to give us a tiny bit more time if this will continue:

Sometimes I feel like the boy who cried wolf. But when I left Saturday 9 to The Gal (who I freely admit improved it - greatly) and Stealing to Mr. L and then Kwizgiver I was so burnt out that I even ended the WTIT Blog at the same time. Now while I won't be doing that, I will be leaving Sunday Stealing after next week. We've had a marvelous run - we are in our 10th year - but if a new host isn't found this week, we will end Stealing. About two years ago I started a book about WTIT. It's a daunting task to cover 50 years of anything, and so I stopped writing about a year ago. And while the hour or so I spend on Stealing doesn't sound like a lot. I'm just not feeling it and I think that now that I am out of work on disability I should start anew on the book. It's not like there's not a lot there, I had nearly 20 chapters written. 

During our 50th Anniversary Show I contacted Mike Toscano, an old college friend, who has a golden voice. For the first decade of C-Span, he was the announcer who said "Next on C-Span" and all that 24 hours a day. He did the show intro and stuff I asked him to do. While he has only sat around this table twice, his voice is heard on nearly every tape. Mike in addition to his radio job mornings in D.C. is an contributor to The Washington Post. Which means the dude can write. He told me that he missed the stories I wrote (Under "WTIT Folklore" on my blog if you are interested) on my blog about WTIT. He told me that I am a terrific writer and to finish the damn book. I was shocked on his compliment and I have taken it seriously.

So that is what I'm going to do. I won't be leaving the blogospohere. I will still play Saturday 9. And Stealing if we are lucky enough for someone to take it. It needs to grow. We got hit hard from the social media switch from blogs to Facebook and twitter. But there are thousands who still play memes who need to be contacted. I just don't have the time. But if you do, we could have fifty players a week. See, you don't run a successful meme blog without having to find players. I haven't done that since well before I left the first time. If you want to be the host of Stealing either leave me a comment or email me at bud.weiser@wtit.net. It has been an honor to be your host for for so long. But I've got a book to write.

Your bud,


The Gal Herself said...

Oh, Bud, I'm sorry to see this. But I know how much work this can be, and you've got so much going on. So I'm melancholy, but I get it.

Please don't let yourself become a stranger! You built this little community, and I know how much I'd miss you.

Shannon W. said...

I understand. It has been great playing along each week. Good luck with the book and keep in touch please!!!